A Scary Section of Sussex Drive

On my way home from Vanier, an area of town layer out in a network of twisting and turning streets I very much enjoy exploring, I cut through New Edinburgh to get to Sussex Drive. I was spurred on by this great story posted by an enthusiastic visitor to the Capital. It wasn’t clear in his post whether he had found a bike path along Sussex to take him to Rideau Falls. I have always found this section very treacherous to ride along, a fear heightened by the senseless death of Melanie Harris, killed by a city bus on this stretch of road. So, with fingers crossed, I checked it out. Hélas, there still aren’t any bike lanes heading west beyond King Edward HOWEVER I had heard that the NCC is in the planning stages of modifying the road to include two bike lanes. Heritage Ottawa isn’t keen on the need to tear down two old buildings (see below) to accommodate the changes proposed. Here is a link describing the planned changes.

Author: ottawavelo


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