Hunt Club Woods, Estate & Chase

This morning I pedalled through the grounds of the original Ottawa Hunt Club.

With names like Paul Anka Drive and Rich Little Street I’m guessing the area was developed in the 60’s and 70’s. This interesting roof detail was quite prevalent along Plante Drive. They remind me of pill box fur hats also popular in the 60’s. UPDATE – March 2020 : It’s a house design called the Bonnechere introduced by the developer Robert Campeau who was very active in Ottawa in the 70’s. Here’s a link that includes a drawing and description of the design, mid-way down the post.

Interesting Lids

turning down Finch street I came upon this old log building, surrounded by these row houses.

Old & New

Here is it’s story.

In other news, a blue heron scared the bejeezles out of me when it took off as I passed right beside him along the bike path in the arboretum on my way to Hunt Club Woods, Estate & Chase. Glorious elegant birds they are.

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