Cleopatra Drive and Pinhey Forest

Decided to check out Cleopatra Drive within the Merivale Industrial Area. Unfortunately it did not live up to it’s glorious namesake in any way, so I chose to leave the adjoining Caesar Avenue for another day. There wasn’t a way into the network of trails within Pinhey Forest from Cleopatra Drive so I took West Hunt Club Road to where it crosses a bike path that leads to the entrance to Piney Forest. West Hunt Club has wonderful large shoulders for bicyclists to ride on, as does Prince of Wales Drive. Too many drivers speed recklessly along both streets.

Pinhey forest: What a wonderful discovery! The lacework of trails are easily navigable due to this system of way finding with signs at each intersection.

Pinhey Forest

The MET. No it’s not a new Cineplex or library. It’s a honking big church! Corner Prince of Wales and West Hunt Club.


This has nothing to do with today’s ride. It’s the final race of the day heading down Rochester Street near Dow’s Lake as part of this year’s Italian Week celebrations. Those guys were zippin’!

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