Getting to Bank St near Heron and Walkley

Headed south-east to cover a few yet-to-be-traveled streets within the triangular area bordered by Bank, Heron and Walkley. Getting there by bike, especially from downtown, can be pretty tricky. This is my preferred circuit. Apart from the narrow section of road between Hogs Back and Riverside Drive,the route is mostly bike path or quiet road.

The Arboretum

If you are early enough you can catch soldiers from HMCS Carleton, a unit of the Canadian Forces Naval Reserve on a morning run in full fatigues. That’s them barely visible between the trees.

Soldiers training
Crossing the canal at the locks at Carleton University, and following the bike path on the opposite side up to Hogs Back, you might happen upon a duck family like this one.

There are many wonderful views of Hogs Back Falls to be had from pathways on either side and above.

Hogs Back Falls

Along Brookfield Road, just before reaching the Airport Parkway there is a fun section of bike path that dipsy-do’s under the parkway, over a stream and across two train tracks before continuing on as Brookfield Road on the other side.

Dipsy-do path

There is then another short path at the end of this section of Brookfield that cuts through to Bank Street.
From there you’re on your own.

View across Walkley

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