Zephyr Avenue

Neat name for a street so I checked it out – quiet, no sidewalks, big coniferous trees on the west side, and this fabulous garden on the east.

Zephyr Avenue

Then I ventured across Howe Street into the Village of Britannia. Now part of Ottawa, it still retains it’s own quaint and quirky personality. This wiki link tells you more about its history. These images show some of it’s quirky mix.

Britannia Village

A bit further on is the Britannia yacht club.
This very cool tall ship called the Black Jack was docked there.

Black Jack
If you aren’t intimidated by the MEMBERS ONLY – ALL OTHER TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED sign, you can venture a bit further around the inlet where the boats are docked to get a glimpse of the Des Chênes rapids, however a more impressive view can be had from the other side of the Ottawa river. A bike route to get there is nicely described here.

Venturing further downstream along Cassels Street one passes a little birders paradise. Lot’s of feeders and places to sit and bird watch on the edge of Mud Lake. The road ends at the Britannia water filtration plant. This location affords lovely views of the Ottawa river without the threat of being arrested.

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