2 thoughts on “6 Prescott Russell trail access on east side of Anderson Road”

  1. I’m trying to find the access point to continue on the bike path (old rail line) from Anderson Rd.2 heading west towards Manotick. I’ve come to a dead end and can’t find where it picks up again. TIA

    1. Hi Michelle. The Prescott Russell rail-to-trail ends a bit further west of Anderson Rd, whereas the Osgoode rail-to-trail’s northern tip starts at Leitrim Road. The blue line on this map suggests a way to get from one to the other, and then from the OsgoodePathway to Manotick. The orange line is an option that avoids riding along Anderson Rd, which can have speedy traffic. This orange option is a bit more off trail, following walking paths and old service roads as far as Ramseyville Road. You will also need this map as signage is minimal along this section. Hope this is useful. https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1dd5uEzK4qI7iPCw4tP3_vn6TSsUV8Qhz&usp=sharing

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