Biking to Carleton University

Biking to Carleton University is always a good idea for lots of reasons ( it’s healthy, economical, good for the environment, etc) but it’s an especially attractive form of transpo these days as vehicule access onto campus has been a nightmare. I hear it’s due to re-routing for Hog’s Back Bridge repairs. Whatever the reason, it’s a mess, so I’ve put together this map of bike routes to campus from various directions described in previous posts. I’ve listed links to those posts below the map. Some of the links describe routes that go through campus or are described in reverse so a bit of interpretation may be required. If anyone needs a more specific route to campus please send me a starting cross street and I’ll get on it.


From the north (Hintonburg) : purple bike logo – click here

From the south (Riverside Park) : red bike logo – click here

From the east (Alta Vista) : green bike logo – click here

From the west (Centrepointe/Algonquin Campus) : yellow bike logo – click here

Finally, here’s a bonus link to a route describing a loop that starts on campus, goes along the Rideau River to New Edinburgh and back to campus along the Rideau Canal.

Author: ottawavelo


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