Architect James Strutt Church Designs

James Strutt (1924 – 2008) was one of Ottawa’s most successful Modernist architects. He was called upon to design many innovative buildings for clients throughout the National Capital Region. Along with office towers, private residences and public facilities he also designed a number of churches throughout the 1950’s and 60’s for Ottawa’s expanding  mid-century suburbs . This … Continue reading “Architect James Strutt Church Designs”

Visiting the Strutt House by Bike, Take II !

James Strutt was a Canadian Modernist architect who designed many innovative buldings throughout the National Capital Region. In 1956 he designed and built his family home along Chemin de la Montagne on the western edge of Gatineau Park. Lauded for it’s ingenious use of modular components and the introduction of hyperbolic paraboloids to form the ceiling … Continue reading “Visiting the Strutt House by Bike, Take II !”

Visiting the Strutt House by Bike

James Strutt was an Ottawa based Modernist architect and professor at Carleton University. He designed a number of local jewels, including the Trinity United Church, and the Westboro Beach pavilions. My sister was one of his students and has fond memories of how everyone loved his class because of the passion he had for his … Continue reading “Visiting the Strutt House by Bike”

Biking to Ikea and Lee Valley From Centretown

I rode out to Ikea and Lee Valley to pick up some items for this summer’s production of Shakespeare’s  The Tempest, being performed by A Company of Fools. I designed the set. It opens next week and will be performed in parks around the city throughout the summer. Check out their show calendar to see when there is … Continue reading “Biking to Ikea and Lee Valley From Centretown”

Bike commute from Kenson Park to Overbrook

A number of studies have shown that a large proportion of commuters want to bike to work but hesitate to do so for lack of a safe route to follow. I have an open offer to scope out a safe bike route to anyone within the national capital region. All I need is two cross … Continue reading “Bike commute from Kenson Park to Overbrook”

Gatineau River Yacht Club

It’s the Gatineau River Yacht Club’s 50th anniversary! The club’s web page suggests quite clearly that this weekend’s celebrations were open to members and past members only, however I thought maybe I could have a quick look around and hopefully photograph their clubhouse designed by architect James Strutt, who designed two other of my favorite … Continue reading “Gatineau River Yacht Club”