Bike Loop Through Gatineau Park to Old Chelsea

The village of Old Chelsea is a popular destination for visitors to Gatineau Park. They have a great information centre, some short hiking trails, and a favourite ice cream parlour, amongst other amenities and attractions. The following is a loop starting from parking lot 3 (P3 on all the maps) at the southern end of … Continue reading “Bike Loop Through Gatineau Park to Old Chelsea”

Chelsea Pioneer Cemetery

A number of projects I’m working on has me delving into stories surrounding the horrors of war, particularly those involving Canadians. One tale I came across is that of Private Richard Rowland Thompson who in the Boer War Battle of Paardeberg saved the life of a wounded colleague and stayed with him throughout the heat … Continue reading “Chelsea Pioneer Cemetery”

Up the 105 to greet the Nishiyuu Walkers

‘The Journey of the Nishiyuu‘, meaning ‘The Journey of the People’ in Cree, inspired me to head up the 105 alongside the Gatineau River to meet them on their way to Chelsea from Wakefield on the second to last day of their incredible trek to Parliament Hill. Here are the first members of the group … Continue reading “Up the 105 to greet the Nishiyuu Walkers”