Out Ikea Way

Had to buy some fabric at Ikea this evening so off I pedalled, following the Ottawa River Pathway and the Pinecrest Creek Pathway as far as Iris Street on the way there, and then the Experimental Farm Pathway back. A lovely loop.

I was surprised to see how low the water level on the Ottawa River still is after all the rain we’ve had.

Flow mighty river flow!

Stopped off at Westboro Beach to admire these service pavilions. They remind me of Don Quixote’s windmills. Modalmom has a great description of a summer family outing to the beach here. And here’s a bit on the history of the beach.

Fun pavilions

I checked out some streets between Iris and the Queensway. Almost all of the houses were one story like this one.


Although I biked through one of the busiest travel times of the day I felt quite safe, primarily following the NCC bike paths.

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5 thoughts on “Out Ikea Way”

  1. It does resemble houses in other areas of town developed in the 50’s & 60’s (see Aug 2 – Beacon Hill Beckoned) It would be great to have a map of what areas in the region were developed by whom and when.

  2. Brian, this is a great blog. I like the combination of cycling, photography, architecture, nature and demography. You even through some family in there! This is in my bookmarks now. Cheers, John

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